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Сумерки. Сага. Рассвет: Часть 2

1.Everything And Nothing
The Boom Circuits
2.Fire In The Water
Ellie Goulding
4.A Thousand Years [Part 2]
Christina Perri Feat. Steve Kazee
5.Such A Prize
6.That's Your Future
7.Aro's End
8.A Crack In The Earth
9.Chasing Renesmee
10.Exacueret Nostri Dentes In Filia
11.A Kick In The Head
12.The Antidote
St. Vincent
13.Aro's Oration
14.Irina Loses Her Head
16.Reading Edward
17.She Is Not Immortal
18.Gathering In Snow
19.This Extraordinary Life
20.Present Time
21.The Driving Question
22.Decoding Alice
23.New For You
Reeve Carney
24.At Bedtime A Child Asks About Death
25.Shield Training
26.We Will Fight
28.Cloud Forest
29.Plus Que Ma Prope Vie
Carter Burwell
30.A Yankee Vampire
31.The Amazon Arrives
32.A Way With The World
33.Renesmee's Lullaby / Something Terrible
34.Speak Up
Pop Etc
35.Into The White
36.Merchant Of Venice
37.The Immortal Children
38.Catching Snowflakes
39.Sparkles At Last
40.Here Goes Nothing
41.Meet Renesmee
42.The Lamb Hunts The Lion
43.A World Bright And Buzzing
44.Twilight Overture
45.All I've Ever Needed
Paul Mcdonald & Nikki Reed
46.Cover Your Tracks
A Boy And His Kite
47.Where I Come From
Passion Pit
James Vincent Mcmorrow
49.Heart Of Stone
50.The Forgotten
Green Day

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