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Рассвет Мертвецов

1.The Man Comes Around
Johnny Cash
2.Michael Investigates
3.Zombie Spike
4.We Need To Suture That Arm
5.Don't Give Him That Gun!
6.America Always Sorts It's Shit Out
7.Ben Cozine
8.Maybe They're Coming For Us
9.How Do You Think Your God Will Judge You?
10.I Hope You Have A Plan
11.Truck Over Zombies
Tyler Bates
13.Blood Bath City
14.Bloated She Rises
15.It's Only A Matter Of Time
16.Down With The Sickness
Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine
18.That Dog's Just Fucked Up
20.You Wanna Kill My Family?
21.The Hangman's Song
Tyler Bates, Joey Waronker, Rusty Logsdon, Nan Vernon & Soda
22.We Need To Do Something, Now!
Tyler Bates
23.Have A Nice Day
24.I'm Not A Plumber
Tyler Bates
25.Subterrainian Sewer Attack
Tyler Bates
26.All Out Of Love
Air Supply
27.Sailing The Sea Of Zombies
Tyler Bates
28.Chainsaw To The Brest Bone
Tyler Bates
29.Fuckin' Figures
Tyler Bates
30.Enjoy The Sunrise
Tyler Bates
31.People Who Died
Jim Carrol Band
32.Down With The Sickness
33.Vivian Attacks
Tyler Bates
34.Louis Blasts Bathroom Door
Tyler Bates
35.Anna's Escape
Tyler Bates
36.We're Going To The Mall
Tyler Bates
37.Don't Worry Be Happy
Bobby McFerrin
38.Scoping Out Metropolis
Tyler Bates

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