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1.First Cells
2.Mr. Wang's Bloody Suite, Pt. 1-4
3.Mr. Wang's Bloody Suite, Pt. 5-7
4.All We Have Done With It
5.Choose To Reproduce
6.Inner Fireworks
7.Lucy Is Going out, Pt. 1
8.Lucy Is Going out, Pt. 2
9.Tingjhou Hospital
10.I Feel Everything
11.Thank You For Sharing
12.Taipei Airport
13.Lucy & The Sniffer Dog
15.Green Beams
16.Pleasant Drive In Paris
17.Sixty Percent Mess
18.Crossing The Goon Sea
19.Gps Control
20.Goons & Guards
21.Time Is Unity
22.Blue Injection
23.Melt Into Matter
24.Flicking Through Time
25.Lucy & Lucy
27.Origin Of The World
28.Where Is Lucy
29.I Am Everywhere

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