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Крепкий Орешек

1.John is Found Out
2.Wiring the Roof
3.Fire Alarm
4.The Vault
5.Message for Holly
6.Tony Approaches
7.The Battle / Freeing the Hostages
8.Tony and John Fight
9.Helicopter Explosion and Showdown
11.Happy Trails
12.Main Title
13.He Won't Be Joining Us
14.And If He Alters It
15.We've Got Each Other
16.Going After John
17.Let it Snow
18.Beethoven's 9th (End Credits Excerpt)
19.Have a Few Laughs / Al Powell Approaches
20.The Nakatomi Plaza
21.Under the Table
22.Message for Holly (Film Version)
23.Attention Police
24.Welcome to the Party
25.Gun in Cheek
26.TV Station
27.Fire Hose
28.Holly Meets Hans
29.Assault on the Tower
30.Ode to Joy (Alternate)
31.Let it Snow (Source)
32.Winter Wonderland (Source)
33.Christmas in Hollis
34.Terrorist Entrance
35.Roy Rogers Meets Beethoven's 9th (Muzak)
36.Bill Clay
37.The Phone Goes Dead / Party Crashers
38.John's Escape / You Want Money
39.Shooting the Glass
40.I Had an Accident

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