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Идеальный Шторм

1.Coming Home From The Sea
2.Father and Son
3.'The Fog's Just Lifting'
4.'Let's Go, Boys'
5.Sable Island
6.'Fish On!'
7.Striking Out - Shark! - Hurricane Grace
8.Murph Overboard!
9.To The Flemish Cap
10.The Perfect Storm
11.Air National Guard To The Rescue
12.Saving Mistral - Storms Collide
13.Small Victories
14.Failure To Refuel
15.Ditching The Chopper
16.The Decision To Turn Around
17.Coast Guard Rescue
18.Rogue Wave
19.The Loss of The Andrea Gail
20.'...Is There Anything Better in The World'
21.'There's No Goodbye, Only Love'
22.Yours Forever (performed by John Mellencamp)
23.Yours Forever and End Titles
24.Coming Home (alternate)
25.'Let's Go, Boys' (alternate with added guitar)
26.To The Flemish Cap (alternate)
27.Storms Collide (alternate with no electronics)
28.Coast Guard Rescue (alternate, softer ending)

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