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После Нашей Эры

1.The History of Man
3.Kitai on Earth
4.Four Vials Remain, Sir
5.Run to the Falls
6.Abort Mission
7.Bird Attack
8.Nest Battle
9.Safety in the Hog Hole
10.Saved by the Bird
11.The Tail
12.I'm Not Advancing You
13.Dad, Are You There?
15.See the Peak
16.Run to the Volcano
17.Somewhere to Hide
18.Chase Through the Cave
20.I Wanna Work with Mom
21.After Earth
22.Pack Your Bags
23.Leaving Nova Prime
24.Can You Ghost?
25.Ship Tears Apart
26.Kitai Finds Cypher
27.Get Me Into the Cockpit
28.The Mission

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