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Последний из Могикан

1.Main Title
2.Elk Hunt
3.The Kiss
4.The Glade 2
5.Fort Battle
7.Munros Office - Stockade
8.Massacre - Canoes
9.Top Of The World
10.The Courier
12.Riwer Walk And Discovery
14.The British Arrival
15.Pieces Of A Storry
16.I Will Find You
17.The Hunting
18.Visiting Friends
20.The Messenger
21.The Game
22.General Webb & Heyward
23.Dunkan & Cora
24.A Track
25.Hurons Attack
26.The Scouts
27.Duncan & Nathaniel
28.Dead Friends
29.Burial Ground
30.Cora & Nathaniel
31.Arrival In Fort Henry
32.General Thanks The Mohicans
33.Generals Orders Maguas Oath
34.Coras Smile
35.With The Eyes Of A Falcon
36.A Quarrel
37.Coras Answer
38.A Plan To Escape
39.The Kiss
40.Nathaniels Arrest
41.The Whole Worlds On Fire
42.After The Bombardment
43.Capitulation Maguas Revenge
44.Leaving The Fort 1
45.Leaving The Fort 2
46.The Enemy In Shadow
47.The Ambush
48.The Waterfall
49.A Promise
50.The Prisoners
51.I Will Find You
52.Nathaniel Surrenders
54.Sachems Decision Alice & Uncas Maguas Death
55.The Last Of The Mohicans End Titles
56.Main Title
57.Elk Hunt
58.Bridge At Lacrosse
59.Garden Scene
61.The Glade
62.Fort Battle
63.The Courier
64.The Kiss
67.Ascent & Pursuit
69.Top Of The World

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