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Пираты Карибского Моря: На Краю Света

1.Hoist The Colours
2.Davy Jones Commanded
3.Sea Of Stars
4.Good And Lost
5.A Wit's End
6.Which Way Ya Going?
7.My Burden To Bare
8.Souls At Sea
9.Up Is Down!
11.Elizabeth & Feng
12.Hosit The Colours [Chorus]
13.Many Gifts
14.Sao Feng's End
16.Choosing A Side
17.Calypso Mutinised
18.Jones' Tale Of Calypso
19.The Brethren Court
20.Davy Jones & Calypso
21.Davy Jones, The Man
23.A Dangerous Song
24.What Say You?
25.How's Mum
27.Multiple Jacks, Multiple Jacks Again...
29.I Release You
30.Calypso Released
31.Winds Of Change
32.What Shall We Die For
33.Jack's Effects
34.Women And Their Guns
35.Mercer's End
36.Learning To Fly
37.Part Of The Ship, Part Of The Crew
38.I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time
39.One Day
40.Drink Up Me Hearties / End Credits
41.The Court Of Sao Feng
42.East India Trading Company Attack
43.Will's Treachery
44.Davy Jones' Betrayal
45.Over The Edge, Over Again

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