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Война Богов: Бессмертные

1.Zeus' Punishment
2.Ride to the Gates
3.In War Fathers Bury Their Sons
4.The Gods Chose Well
5.Fight So Your Name Survives
6.Battle in the Tunnel
7.Immortal Combat
8.Do Not Forsake Mankind
10.Sky Fight / End Credits
11.War in the Heavens
12.Enter the Oracles
13.Hyperion's Siren
14.Immortal and Divine
15.Witness Hell
16.Theseus and Phaedra
17.Poseidon's Leap
18.This is Your Calling
19.Theseus Fight the Minotaur
20.Theseus Fires the Bow
21.My Own Heart
22.To Mt. Olympus

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