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Один Дома

1.Somewhere In My Memory
2.Star Of Bethlehem (Orchestral Version)
3.Home Alone (Main Theme)
4.Go Pack Your Suitcase / Introducing Marley / In Good Hands
5.Banished To The Attick
6.We Slept In / Hard Count
7.Making The Plane
8.The Basement
9.Target Practice / Sledding On The Stairs
10.Lights On / Guess Who's Home / Paris Arrival
11.The Man Of The House / Police Check
12.The Bookshelf
13.Phone Machine / Drug Store / Escape Across The Ice
14.Follow That Kid!
15.Listening To Carson
16.Cleaning Clothes / Kitchen
17.Scammed By A Kindergartner
18.Walking Home (Somewhere In My Memory)
19.O Holy Night
20.Star Of Bethlehem
21.Carol Of The Bells
22.Setting The Trap
23.The Attack Begins
24.Marv Enters The Basement / A Hot Hand / Sore Head
25.Paint Cans
26.Clothesline Trapeze / Marley To The Rescue
27.The Next Morning / Mom Returns / Finale
28.We Wish You A Merry Christmas / End Title (Somewhere In My Memory)
29.Walking Home (Without Chorus)
30.Clothesline Trapeze (Film Version Insert)
31.Jingle Bells
32.Christmas Carol Medley
33.Finale (Alternate - O Holy Night)
34.We Wish You A Merry Christmas / End Title (Somewhere In My Memory) (Original Soundtrack Version)

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