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Новый Человек-Паук: Высокое Напряжение

1.I'm Electro
2.There He Is
3.I'm Spider-Man
4.My Enemy
5.Ground Rules
6.Look At Me
7.Special Project
8.You Need Me
9.So Much Anger
10.I'm Moving To England
11.I'm Goblin
12.Let Her Go
13.You're My Boy
14.I Need To Know
15.Sum Total
16.I Chose You
17.We're Best Friends
18.Still Crazy
19.The Rest Of My Life
20.You're That Spider Guy
21.The Electro Suite
22.Harry's Suite
23.Cold War
24.No Place Like Home
25.It's On Again
26.Song For Zula
27.That's My Man
30.Within The Web (First Day Jam)
31.Electro Remix

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