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1.The Fastest Man Alive / Always Late
2.Best Friends Since Childhood
4.Dr. Wells Has Secrets
5.I Have To Try
6.Proud Of You
7.A Lot Happened That Night
8.Mad Skills
9.Eddie And Iris
10.Birth Of The Flash
11.Things You Can't Outrun
12.Captain Cold
13.We Were All Struck By That Lightning
14.Going Rogue
15.No Time
16.Grodd Lives
17.Impossible Thing
19.Catch Me If You Can
20.Martin Stein And Firestorm
21.Fate Of My Dad
22.The Nuclear Man
23.Dead To Me
24.Reveal To Iris / Running Back In Time
25.He's A Hero
27.Called Some Friends For Help
28.Second Chance
29.Closing The Wormhole
30.Saga Sell
31.Rainbow Raider Strikes
32.What I Can See
33.Forming A Task Force
34.Don't Get Involved
35.Team Arrow In Central City
36.Give You A Lift
37.Training Barry
38.What's Up, Doc?
39.Barry Gets Whammied
40.Flash Taunts Eddie
41.The Flash Vs. Arrow
42.S.T.A.R. Labs Thanks Oliver
43.A Girl Oliver Once Knew
44.Firestorm Appears
45.The Man In The Yellow Suit
46.What You Can Do
47.Use Of Powers
48.Saving Innocent People
49.What Barry Saw
50.Eobard Desiccates Wells
51.I Love You, Iris
52.Cold Wants To Know His Name
53.Lucid Dreaming
54.Grodd Mind Control
55.Taken Enough
56.Luring The Admission From Wells
57.Eobard Confesses
58.Super Collider
59.A New Name

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