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Мотель Бейтсов

1.A Fresh Start
2.New Home
3.Keith Summers, Sore Loser
4.No One Has Ever Helped Us
5.Norman Sneaks Out
6.The Rape
7.Flipping Pages
8.Norma & Norman
9.Emma's Meditation
10.Previously On Bates Motel 1
11.Dylan's New Job
12.Dylan's Gotta Gun
13.Norman Leaves The Hospital
14.Shelby & Norma
16.I'm Here For You
17.Norman Discovers Jiao
18.Previously On Bates Motel 2
19.Dumpster Drive
20.Bradley & Norman
21.Motorcycle Ride
22.Shelby's Back
23.Getting Jiao To The Motel
24.What Really Happened
25.Awkward Hugs
26.Abernathy Checks In
27.Norma Doesn't Approve
28.Bradley Rejects Norman
29.Abernathy Makes Reservations
30.The End Of A Horrible Day
31.Bradley Needs Dylan's Help
32.Norman Doesn't Have A Note
33.Emma Likes Cupcakes
34.Norma's Story
35.Three's A Crowd
36.Everything's Going To Be Okay

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