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Легенды Завтрашнего Дня

1.London 2166 / Set A Course
2.You Are Legends
3.Boarding The Waverider / Back In Time
4.The Lie
5.Nuclear Missile Sale
7.Atom Goes Inside To Save Kendra
8.Leonard Goes Home
9.Time Masters Offer A Deal
10.Russian Problems
11.Broken Oath For Love
12.Rory Betrays, Snart Handles Him
13.Things Get Batty / Left Behind
14.They’re Not Coming Back
15.Rescuing Sara From Nanda Parbat
16.Tale Of Oedipus Rex / The Hunters Are Coming
17.The Magnificent Eight
18.Enter The Pilgrim / Rip’s Revenge
19.Jax Meets His Father / Mick Meets Himself
20.Hawkgirl Fights Savage, Atom Fights Leviathan
21.Martin Sends Jefferson Away
22.Escape The Time Masters
23.At The Oculus / Cold Hard Sacrifice
24.Time Is Unmoored
25.Savage Meteoritual Fight
26.Sacrificial Trip To The Sun
27.Who’s Up For More?

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