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1.No One Is Lazy In LazyTown (Get Up and Go Mix)
2.Bing Bang Rock
3.When We Play In A Band
4.We Will Be Friends
5.We Got The Energy
6.Time To Start The Show
7.Time To Play
8.The Greatest Genie
9.Techno Generation
10.Story Time
11.Snow, Give Me Snow
12.Playing On The Playground
13.New Games Everyday
14.Let's Go
15.Lazy Rockets
16.I Wanna Dance
17.I Like Learning
18.Fun To Be The Mayor
20.Clean Up
21.No One Is Lazy In LazyTown (Get Up and Go Mix Instrumental)
22.Bing Bang Rock (Instrumental)
23.When We Play In A Band (Instrumental)
24.We Will Be Friends (Instrumental)
25.We Got The Energy (Instrumental)
26.Time To Start The Show (Instrumental)
27.Time To Play (Instrumental)
28.The Greatest Genie (Instrumental)
29.Techno Generation (Instrumental)
30.Story Time (Instrumental)
31.Snow, Give Me Snow (Instrumental)
32.Playing On The Playground (Instrumental)
33.New Games Everyday (Instrumental)
34.Let's Go (Instrumental)
35.Lazy Rockets (Instrumental)
36.I Wanna Dance (Instrumental)
37.I Like Learning (Instrumental)
38.Fun To Be The Mayor (Instrumental)
39.Colours (Instrumental)
40.Clean Up (Instrumental)
41.Bing Bang (Time To Dance Mix)
42.Welcome To LazyTown (Christmas Version)
43.Anything Can Happen
44.Good To Be Bad
45.Bing Bang (Circus Version)

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