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1.When You Wish Upon a Star
2.Little Wooden Head
3.Clock Sequence
4.Kitten Theme
5.The Blue Fairy
6.Give a Little Whistle
7.Old Geppetto
8.Off to School
10.So Sorry
11.I've Got No Strings
12.Sinister Stromboli
13.Sad Reunion
14.Lesson In Lies
15.Turn On The Old Music Box
16.Coach To Pleasure Island
17.Angry Cricket
19.Message From The Blue Fairy
20.To The Rescue
21.Deep Ripples
22.Desolation Theme
23.Monstro Awakens
24.Whale Chase
25.A Real Boy
26.No Strings
27.As I Was Sayin' to the Duchess
28.Rolling Along to Pleasure Island
29.You (Are A Human Animal)
30.Mickey Mouse Club Book Song
31.I'm No Fool (On A Bike)
32.Safety First / I'm No Fool (In Water)
33.Stop, Look and Listen / I'm No Fool (As A Pedestrian)

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