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1.You And I Are Awfully Different
2.I Need A Jew
3.Don't Stop Believin
4.Gonna Buy Me A Rainbow
5.Rock Lobster
6.Peter Is Slow
7.Who Else But Quagmire
8.I've James Woods
9.The FCC Song
10.Peanut Butter Jelly Time
11.The Road to Rhode Island (Brian & Stewie)
12.Adam West
15.(In God's Eyes) Everybody's Hot
16.Ding Fries Are Done
17.Noble Indian Chief
18.Evil Monkey Song
19.All I Need Is The Boy (Mr. Herbert)
20.My Drunken Irish Dad
21.Prom Night Dumpster Baby
22.Can't Touch Me
23.Cowboy Gay Sex
24.I've Got A Little List
25.Take Me Out To Place Tonight (Frank Sinatra Jr. & Brian)
26.I Like Farts (New Brian)
27.A Bag Of Weed
28.Wonderful Day For Pie
30.The Friendship Song
31.Down Syndrome Girl
32.Terri Schiavo - The Musical
33.Choomba Woomba
34.And Then There Were Fewer - Ending
35.Intro Theme (And Then There Were Fewer)
36.I Dream of Republican Town
37.Bird Is A Word (sad ver)
38.All I Want For Christmas
39.Christmas Time Is Killing Us
40.Peter sets up a guitar
41.Star Wars
42.Stewie annoying Lois
43.Music For The Young Children (Mr. Herbert)
44.Family Guy Intro Theme by Frank Sinatra Jr
45.He He He Song (Peter)
46.Bigoted Songs Medley
47.Surfin' Bird
48.Intro Theme
49.Stewie's Banjo Song
50.Piano Lesson
51.You've Got A Lot To See
52.You Do (Stewie & Olivia)
53.Instrumental Theme End

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