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Angry Birds в Кино

Blake Shelton
2.I Will Survive
Demi Lovato
3.Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My)
4.On Top of the World
Imagine Dragons
Charli XCX
6.Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley
7.Rock You Like a Hurricane
Steve Aoki
9.Wild Thing
10.Sound of da Police
11.Behind Blue Eyes
Limp Bizkit
12.The Mighty Eagle Song
Peter Dinklage
13.The Mighty Red Song
The Hatchlings
14.The Angry Birds Movie Score Medley
Heitor Pereira
15.Red on the Run
16.Birthday Party
17.Bird Court
18.Billy Fight
19.This is Going to be Awful
20.Terence and Bomb
21.Boat Approaches
22.Poetry Time
24.The Trampoline
25.Who Are These Weirdos?
26.Look What I Found!
27.Paint Your Pain
28.Does None of This Seem Wrong?
29.I Need Your Help
30.Lake of Wisdom
31.I Think He Saw Us
32.Helium, It's a Gas
33.I Used to Believe in You
34.They're All Gone
35.Build a Boat
36.Arrive at Piggy Island
37.Ready, Aim, Fire!
38.Risky Idea
39.Chuck Time
40.We Want Eggs!
41.Nothing Like a Statue
42.Home Tweet Home
43.Mighty Red
45.Red's Demo
46.Piggy Demo

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