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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

1.Reinforcing Pavlov's House
2.Pursuit of Pavlov
3.So Far from Home
6.The Descent into Hell
7.The Bitter End
8.Victory at the Barrikady
9.Across the Steppe
10.Ghosts in the Snow
11.The Unstoppable Wehrmacht
12.Wave of Fury
13.Red-Painted Steppe
14.The Great Soviet Showpiece
15.Defiant till the Very End
16.Praying for Death
17.The End of the Line
18.Steady We Must Stand
19.Strength in Unity
20.Taking Station No. 1
21.Not One Step Back
22.The Story of a Soldier
23.Devils in the Tower
24.Red Fortress
25.Storm Clouds over Stalingrad

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