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Rayman Legends

1.Mysterious Swamps
2.Medieval Theme
3.Babel Tower
4.Storming the Castle
5.The Fortified Castle
6.Castle Invaded
7.Medieval Dragon
8.The Swamp Whistler
9.Flight & Whirl
10.Lost in the Clouds
11.Trip to the Jungle
12.Moving Ground
13.Enchanted Forest
14.Enchanted Forest Pursuit
15.Secret Door
16.The Adventure Begins
17.Orchestral Chaos
18.Forest Invaded
19.The Mushroom Whistler
20.Mambo Mambo
21.Fiesta de los Muertos
22.Food Invaded
24.The Chef Whistler
25.20,000 Lums Under the Sea
26.Dive Another Day
28.The Spy Who Kicked Me
29.Infernal Pursuit
30.Ocean Invaded
31.Mechanical Dragon
32.When the Wind Blows
33.Shield and Sirtaki
34.Hades' Abode
35.Dark Creature Pursuit
36.Hell's Gate
37.Strategy and Spying
38.Missile Airlines
39.Olympus Maximus Invaded
40.Hades' Hand
41.One-Eyed Harpist
42.Shaolin Challenge
43.Grannies World Tour
44.Another World
45.Rayman Theme (8 Bit Version)
46.Orchestral Chaos (8 Bit Version)
47.Grannies World Tour (8 Bit Version)

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