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1.Prey Overture
2.Finding the Warrior Within
3.Breaching the Surface
4.Smoke and Mirrors
5.Desperate Measures
6.Battle at the Superportal
7.Primal Instincts
8.Strengthened Resolve
9.''Hundreds of your miles tall...''
10.Full Ascension
11.Cutting the Power
12.Aniwyah Calling
13.Survival of the Fittest
14.''You're becoming a nuisance...''
15.Pushing Towards Fate
16.Splitting the Arrow
17.Sacred Realm Desanctified
18.The Power of the Keepers
19.Raiding the Keeper's Fortress
20.What Lies Before You
21.Immortality or Oblivion
22.Redemption and Finale
23.Dark Harvest Begins
24.Prey SuperTrailer (Bonus Track)
25.Upside Down
26.''Where in the Hell am I??''
27.The Land of the Ancients
28.''As if Appearing from no where...''
29.Cries in the Darkness
30.Back to the Ancient Land

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