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Soul Sacrifice

1.Hopeless Overture
2.Black Magnificence
3.The Requiem Hidden in the Heart
4.Gazing Upon the Right Arm of Sin
5.Seething Malice
6.The Will to Power
7.Flying Nightmare
8.Damaged Page
9.Eccentric Rhapsody
10.The Killer Instinct Is Set Ablaze
11.Gray Rain
12.Beginning of the End
13.Soul Melody -main theme-
14.A Sigh of Relief
15.Footsteps of Calamity
16.The Earth Echoes with Resentment
17.Even If This Body Withers Away
18.The Intertwined Days of Yore
19.March of the Dead
20.Malicious Black Flames
21.This Abyssal World
22.Heartbreaking Sounds
23.The Void Resonating in Silence
24.A Sad Reunion
25.An End to the Eternal Struggle
26.Hope Is the Page of the Future
27.A Certain Magician's Life
28.The Sky Once Blue
30.Left on the Battlefield
31.Tearful Tone
32.Evil Miasma

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