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Might & Magic: Heroes 6

1.The Archangel
2.The Dragon Knight
3.The Tide Rises
4.Isles of Judgement
5.Flight of the Griffin (Theme of the Griffin Dynasty)
6.Blood and Tears (Main Theme of Heroes VI)
7.The Vale of Heresh
8.Fateful Battle (Remix by Rick Knight)
9.The Alchemy of Grief (Anastasya's Theme)
11.Heroic Battle (Remix by Rick Knight)
12.What's In a Name (Anton's Theme)
14.The Abyss
15.The Second Eclipse
16.The Flower of the North (Sveltana's Theme)
17.A Hero with No Name (Sandor's Theme)
18.Autumn Is Coming
19.The Walls of Falcon's Reach
20.Songs of Innocence and Experience (Kiril's Theme)
21.Ghosts of the Past (Slava's Theme)
23.Fighting the Waves (Irina's Theme)
25.The Jungles of Hashima
26.The Last Stand of Duke Pavel Griffin

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