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Mars: War Logs

1.Main Theme
2.Arrival At The Camp
3.Sand Shower
4.Welcoming Committee
5.P.O.W. Camp 19
6.Mean Dogs
7.Camp: Crater Zone
8.P.O.W. Camp (Fight)
9.Camp: Drilling Well
10.Camp: Drilling Well (Fight)
11.A Queen!
12.Camp: Cistern Area (Fight)
13.Power Plant
14.Power Plant (Fight)
15.Enters The Technomancer
16.Power Struggle
18.I Am The Law
19.Shadowlair: The Sand
20.Shadowlair: The Sand (Fight)
21.Shadowlair: Slums
22.Shadowlair: Slums (Fight)
23.The Old Friend
25.Tierville (Fight)
26.Shadowlair: Undercity
27.Shadowlair: Undercity (Fight)
28.Train Wreck
29.The End Of Innocence
30.Agricultural Zone
31.Agricultural Zone (Fight)
32.Farming village
33.Industrial Complex
34.Industrial Complex (Fight)
35.Digging Deeper
36.Technomancer Headquarters
37.Technomancer Headquarters (Fight)
38.Ladies Man
39.Shadow Line
40.Shadow Line (Fight)
41.Drilling Worm
42.The Source
43.The Last Stand
44.End Theme

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