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Halo 2 Anniversary

1.Halo Theme Gungnir Mix (feat. Steve Vai)
3.Not a Number
4.Kilindini Harbour
5.Only a Star, Only the Sea
6.A Spartan Rises
7.Unforgotten Memories
8.Second Prelude
9.This Glittering Band
11.Halo Theme Scorpion Mix
13.Promise the Girl
14.Unsullied Memory
15.Arise In Valor
16.Unwearied Heart
17.Spartan's Regret
18.Genesong (feat. Steve Vai)
19.Breaking the Covenant
20.Follow In Flight
21.Cryptic Whisper
23.Charity's Irony
24.Moon Over Mombasa
25.Trapped In Amber
26.Builder's Legacy
27.Moon Over Mombasa Part 2
28.Librarian's Gift
29.Zealous Champion
30.Steward, Shepherd, Lonely Soul
31.Africa Suite
32.Prophet Suite
33.Into the Belly of the Beast
34.Cracked Legend
35.Menace No More

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