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Far Cry Primal

1.The Shaman's Story
2.Save the Wenja
3.Prowl of the Snowblood Wolves
4.The Fires of Conquest
5.The Mammoth Hunt
6.The Call of the Widu
7.A Hunter's Eye
8.The Heart of Oros
9.Sarta Wenja
10.Trials of the Gwarpati
11.The Taken Wenja
12.Vision of Fire
13.Batari's Song of Fire
14.The Bloodfang Sabretooth
15.Gwarpati Salway
16.The Search for Lost Wenja
17.Vision of Beasts
18.March of the Bloodtusk Mammoth
19.Survival of the Udam
20.The Lost Caves of Oros
21.Udam Wantari
22.Wadijam Izila
23.Hunt for the Great Scar Bear
24.The Flames of Suxli
25.Clash of the Udam
26.The Altar of Suxli
27.Fury of the Great Scar Bear
28.Attack of the Udam
29.The Beast Master Strikes
30.Vision of Ice
31.The Wrath of Ull
32.The Mask of Krati
33.Takkar of the Wenja

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