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Far Cry 4

1.Trial by Fire
2.Welcome to Kyrat
3.Into the Fire
4.Sudden Trouble
5.The Target
6.Take Down
7.No Respite
8.Secrets of the Goddess
9.The Mountain Watches
10.Unfamiliar Paths
11.Awash in the Day
12.Every Road an Exit
13.The Hard Road
14.One by One
15.Sabal's Suite
16.Predator's Way
17.Here They Come
18.Once More with Teeth
19.Lives to Spare
20.Royal Reception
21.Prisoners of Despair
22.Amita's Rage
23.The Moon's Light
24.Victory by Inches
25.What Is Sacred...
26.Blood of Faith
27.A Sermon of Bullets
28.Painted in Blood
29.The Whisper of My Blade
30.Bhadra's Suite

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