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Doom (2016)

1.Main Menu
2.You Will Be Worse
3.The Beginning
4.The UAC
5.If You're Looking for a Fight...
7.Resource Operations
9.Ambient A (Unused Cue)
10.Ambient B (Unused Cue)
12.Ambient C (Unused Cue)
13.Combat Surface A (Unused Cue)
14.Combat Surface B (Unused Cue)
15.Combat UAC A (Unused Cue)
16.Combat UAC B (Unused Cue)
17.Combat UAC C (Unused Cue)
18.Combat UAC D (Unused Cue)
19.Combat UAC E (Unused Cue)
20.Combat UAC F (Unused Cue)
21.Trailer Music #1
22.Give Him What He Wants
23.Trailer Music #2
24.Trailer Music #3
25.Trailer Music #4
26.Trailer Music #5
27.Welcome to Hell (Quakecon/E3 Demo)
28.Argent Facility
29.Gore Nest
30.Olivia Pierce
31.Rune Trail (A)
33.Blood & Gore
34.Flesh & Metal
35.Death & Destruction
36.Argent Tower
37.Crossing the Bridge
38.Tower Ascension
39.Rune Trial (B)
40.Olivia Jumps
41.Kadingir Sanctum
42.Hell Hath Fury
43.Fight Like Hell
44.Destroyed Argent Facility
45.Fire with Fire
46.Break Them
47.Advanced Research Complex
48.Rune Trail (C)
49.Your Affinity for Guns is Apparent
50.BFG Division
51.Big [REDACTED] Gun
54.Titan's Realm
55.Hell for the Company
56.The Necropolis
57.Rip & Tear
58.Rune Trail (D)
60.Hell Guard
61.VEGA Processing
62.VEGA Core
63.Argent D'Nur
64.Hell Breaking Loose
65.Spider Mastermind
66.A Brighter Tomorrow
67.Title Theme (At Doom's Gate)
68.Snap Map
69.Countdown 01
70.Countdown 02
71.Countdown 03
72.Countdown 04
73.Countdown 05
74.Countdown 06
75.Countdown 07
76.Countdown 08
77.Countdown 09
78.Countdown 10
79.Start 01
80.Start 02
81.Start 03
82.Start 04
83.Start 05
84.Start 06
85.Start 07
86.Start 08
87.Start 09
88.Start 10
89.Victory 01
90.Victory 02
91.Victory 03
92.Victory 04
93.Victory 05
94.Victory 06
95.Defeat 01
96.Defeat 02
97.Defeat 03
98.Defeat 04
99.Defeat 05
100.Defeat 06
101.Defeat 07
102.Defeat 08
103.Defeat 09
104.Defeat 10

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