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God of War: Ascension

1.Primordial Rage
2.Visions of Ruin
3.Temple of Delphi
4.A Touch of Insanity
5.The False Prophet
6.Shadow Revealed
7.Blood on the Canyon Walls
8.Streets of Sparta
9.Tribute to Apollo
10.The Son's Betrayal
11.Prison of the Damned
12.Bound by Blood
13.Martyr's Chamber
14.A Warning Too Late
15.Trial of Archimedes
16.Python's Path
17.The Final Offer
18.Madness of the Fury Queen
19.The Marked One
20.Oath Keeper's Gift
21.Ghosts of Kirra
22.Warrior's Truth
23.Temptation of the Flesh
24.Awakening of the Hecatonchires
25.Aletheia's Last Vision
26.Temple Carnage

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