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God of War 3

1.Brothers of Blood
2.Call to Arms
3.Cris Velasco / All for Nothing
4.Cris Velasco / Pandora's Song
5.Cris Velasco / Stalker
6.Gerard Marino / End of Vengeance
7.Gerard Marino / God of War III Overture
8.Gerard Marino / Rage of Sparta
9.Gerard Marino / Tides of Chaos
10.Jeff Rona / Anthem of the Dead
11.Jeff Rona / Duel with Hades
12.Jeff Rona / Lure of a Goddess
13.Mike Reagan / In the Face of Fear
14.Mike Reagan / Revenge Rising
15.Mike Reagan / The Forge of Hephaestus
16.Mike Reagan / The Great Machine
17.Poseidons Wrath
18.Revenge Falling
19.Ron Fish / Depths of Hades
20.Ron Fish / Labor of Destruction
21.Ron Fish / The March of Tartarus
22.The Lost Souls
23.The Muses Song
24.The Three Judges

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