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Attack on Titan

1.Slaughter them all!!
2.AoT - Main Theme
3.Prepare to fly, or Die
4.Can I touch your arrrrrm!?
5.The Gigantic Titan
6.To live if you win
7.Fool on the wall
8.Beat'em with 1000 metal wings
9.Run away! Titan come hit!!
10.Between hope and despair
11.Face the approaching fear
12.Dance with titan's
13.Outbrave the giant
14.Get rest when you can do it
15.You can not win unless fight
16.Sounds of lamentation died away
17.Dedicate all your hearts
18.Watch for a chance
19.Let end vicious impediment
20.Brave of tinies
21.Blast off! Surround! Shred!
22.To regain our desolated land
23.This world it's ...... Cruel
24.Survive a death march
25.Brilliant kick of the Blond
27.Blond's Rage
28.And ... to the outside world
29.Ender's revenge, ever not
30.The great chase
31.Against the mega disastrous blow
32.A red muffler
33.Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
34.Catastrophe never ends
35.The threat of the Bristle

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